Snapshot: Orchard Park Elementary holds International Festival

  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-1
    Leonel Cervantes and José Vargas present a booth about Mexico, offering tamales and displaying traditions.
  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-2
    José Cotto and his daughter, Andrea, represent Puerto Rico in front of their display.
  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-3
    Students gather in the art room to learn more about Indian culture as they sample Indian cuisine.
  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-5
    A booth representing England displays currency, maps, photos and offers samples of English food.
  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-6
    Students hand out refreshments in the gym.
  • cic-com-1115-orchard-park-festival-7
    Student artwork is displayed for attendees to view at the festival.

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