Snapshot: Namaste on the Monon

  • CIC-HEALTH-0808-Nomaste Monon 1
    More than 100 community members brought yoga mats to join in on Namaste on the Monon. During the event, 2nd Ave at Main Street and the Monon was closed for attendees to lay down their mats and practice yoga in the sunshine.
  • CIC-HEALTH-0808-Nomaste Monon 2
    The Life Time Fitness and Life Power Yoga class was led by Jayson Conley.
  • CIC-HEALTH-0808-Nomaste Monon 3
    Members of the community participate in Namaste on the Monon July 22. An after-party was held at Scotty’s Brewhouse.
  • CIC-HEALTH-0808-Nomaste Monon 4
    Life Time Fitness Carmel yoga instructor and coordinator Denise Myers performs a Sirsasana yoga pose during Namaste on the Monon.

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