Snapshot: Mayor’s Iftar

  • CIC-COM-0621-Iftar 1
    Alina Husain, left, and Nida Khan help guests sign in for the Carmel Mayor’s Iftar.
  • CIC-COM-0621-Iftar 2
    From left, Hera Ashraf, Sue McFeely and Dan McFeely converse before the Carmel Mayor’s Iftar begins.
  • CIC-COM-0621-Iftar 3
    From left, Zaid Saeed, Waqar Qazi, Ashhar Madni, Ashraf Saeed, Khalid Mahmood, Huda Mahmood, Afra Hussain and Hera Ashraf arrange themselves while facing a stage. Madni is the vice president of the Al Salam Foundation.
  • CIC-COM-0621-Iftar 4
    From let, André Carson, Shahid Athar, Azhar Khan and Dan McFeely greet each other at the Carmel Mayor’s Iftar. Carson is a congressman for the 7th district of Indiana.
  • CIC-COM-0621-Iftar 5
    Hera Ashraf waits to continue to converse with guests at the Carmel Mayor’s Iftar. Ashraf helped organize the Carmel Mayor’s Iftar.

The Carmel Mayor’s Iftar was hosted by the Al Salam Foundation at West Clay Elementary School on June 10. The event provided an opportunity for Muslims to break their daily fast during the month of Ramadan. (Photos by Jason Conerly)

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