Snapshot: IU partners with HC Parks for Day of Service

  • aa-com-0927-iu-service01
    Julia Miller, an HR consultant System Business Services at IU Health trims a tree.
  • aa-com-0927-iu-service02
    Chief Strategy Officer Sheldon Weiss, Chief Medical Officer Paul Calkins and Robert Warhurst, pharmacy ops manager at IU Health Saxony.
  • aa-com-0927-iu-service03
    Gaysheree Juggen, a recruiting specialist for IU Health, cuts back weeds.
  • aa-com-0927-iu-service04
    Courtney Olson, left, an HR manager for System Business Services and Kayla Theobald, HR coordinator for System Business Services clear dirt in the Cool Creek greenhouse
  • aa-com-0927-iu-service05
    IU Health employees clear plant beds and animal habitats to be rebuilt at the Cool Creek greenhouse.
  • aa-com-0927-iu-service06
    Hector Lopez, left, and Chris Duarte put their maintenance skills to work to rebuild parts of the Cool Creek greenhouse.

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