Snapshot: Carmel Friends Church hosts BBQ and Home Improvement Fair

  • SAM_0747
    Marcus Moffett (left), Darcy Moffett (center) and Fletcher Moffett (right) dig into their meals. The Carmel Friends Church hosted the fair on June 6 from 12-4. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0750
    The Carmel Friends Church, Johnson Addition neighborhood and Wilson Village area host the first annual Chicken BBQ and Home Improvement Fair. The event included local business booths, a bounce house and a professional DJ. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
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    Jennifer Kemble watches her son, Elliot Kemble, take a bite of his lunch. All profits made from the food sold went to help the Carmel Friends Church Playground. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0784
    From left, Nick Davis, Andrew Davis and Michael Kenney Davis wait in line to grab boxed lunches. A $10 ticket bought attendees barbequed chicken, sides, desserts and a drink. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0789
    Beth Jeglum and John Frush package cartons of chicken for attendees. Jeglum, a member of the neighborhood, and Frush, a member of the Carmel Friends Church, said they enjoyed the fair because it brought the church and its neighbors together. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
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    Dave Mulford (left) and Brandon Greinger (center) pass out stickers and hats to children. The City of Carmel Fire Department drove to the church and allowed kids to take a seat in the truck. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0814
    Clay Weaver and Stacie Weaver sit down to enjoy their lunch. As members of the neighboring community, they said they liked the neighborhood's partnership with the church. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0820
    Landon Watts (right) questions Brandon Greiner (left) about what it takes to be a fireman. The City of Carmel Fire Department allowed children a look inside one of their trucks and to talk to some of the firefighters. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0824
    Marcus Moffett meets the Hamilton County Sheriff Office's bloodhound, Scout. Children got the chance to take pictures with Scout and learn about his job in the community. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0827
    Marsha Knuth wins the raffle for a Joe's Butcher Shop and Fish Market gift card. Many local businesses made donations for the fair’s ticket drawing. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0843
    Maria Kowalczuk participates in the Zumba flash mob with other Revel Fitness students. The group danced to multiple songs including, "Uptown Funk" and "Footloose." (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0870
    Joel Lisker practices Zumba with other members of Revel Fitness. Lisker said he attended the event solely to be in the flash mob. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)
  • SAM_0930
    Cindy Schembre (front) leads her students in a Zumba flash mob. Schembre teaches her weekly classes at Revel Fitness for members of the Carmel community. (Photo by Brielle Saggese)

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