Column: Six ways to stay healthy at the gym

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  • Christopher Johnston

    I know that I will sound like a total crackpot. But I have nothing to
    sell, no motive other than helping people. And I can’t seem to get any
    news agency interested in this story.

    There is a CURE for MRSA in your kitchen cabinet. An all natural one,
    and I use it DAILY for infections of a viral, fungal and bacterial
    nature. I fight MRSA with it, as do hundreds who also know about it.

    It’s GARLIC. And it WORKS. MRSA can never build a resistance and,
    unlike antibiotics, it doesn’t linger in your system or create a
    stronger superbug. PLEASE find someone willing to report this
    information!! All these news stories of high school kids with problems
    and crushing live garlic could save them ALL!!!

    PLEASE!!! I have reached out to Pro football teams, and gotten no
    answer. I have reached out to media outlet after media outlet. TRY

    Please read this blog about Garlic baths and MRSA you can also check our page
    There are ways to beat MRSA fast, natural and without fail. We are NOT
    selling anything. You can grow your own garlic for this cure. It is
    SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN and one attempt will remove any doubt for only
    pennies. I am a sufferer myself and I use garlic constantly to fight

    All these articles to scare people about MRSA and no reporters have
    looked to see what long term sufferers are doing to fight it, and THIS
    is what we are using!!