Shooting range coming to Carmel?

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  • Well Armed Mom of 2

    guess Mina Khoury doesn’t think
    church-going, minivan driving, stay-at-home moms are his “type of
    crowd.” Because I would frequent a range in Carmel. And concerns about
    high schoolers in the area, good! If they’re 18, they should take a
    class. If they aren’t they wouldn’t be able to buy a gun, so what is the
    concern? It’s not like criminals frequent gun shops either. I would even dare to say that I would feel safer to have my young children in a gun shop than in a gun-free high school!

    • HoosierDave

      Thank you!

      I am a single father of a 6 year old boy, responsibly own and store many firearms/ammunition in a TL-30 vault and am all for this proposed gun store/
      shooting range in Carmel, Indiana. As a resident of Carmel, I am tired to driving 40-55 minutes to the nearest indoor shooting ranges surrounding the Indianapolis area
      and am excited about a safe environment minutes from my front door.

      I can not understand idiots like Mina Khoury and Karen Huang. The mayor of Carmel has no authority to prevent the building of a business establishment that sells legal items. I carry my .45 ACP/Kimber Custom II into Mrs. Khoury’s Dairy Queen every time I eat there. Perhaps the next time I am eating there and criminals enter the establishment to rob the place, I should idly sit by and let these criminals rob her business and/or harm her employees/customers.

      To Karen Huang: what an idiot. Does she ever frequent WalMart, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.? Because all these establishments carry firearms and munitions. Yes, your 18 and under children can go into a store that sells firearms. But they can not handle or purchase these items until the proper age, just like tobacco and alcohol. Oh, did you forget that your 18 year old child must register for the Selective Service and can be ordered to enter the military, handle a gun and go to war?

      And like you, I would actually prefer that there be armed guards/Carmel Police officers at each and every school, because FBI statistics clearly show that over 95% of mass shootings, where 4+, non-family related individuals are shot by an armed individual, occur in GUN-FREE ZONES/AREAS. Only and Idiot can look at these official, FBI statistics and state that we need to make all of Carmel a gun free zone. I have never met a criminal who respects or follows any law.

      Again, thank you for having a brain.

  • Merrill

    Is this the same company that is building a gun range in Greenwood, we love guns down here!