Shapiro’s future is uncertain

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  • Blake Facey

    Great sandwiches there, but way too pricey for a normal lunch. I honestly don’t know how busy it is there since I haven’t been in awhile, but those old lease terms sound pretty fantastic to me.

  • Mr. Ed

    Shapiro’s used to be an awesome sandwich/deli place. The refrigerated cases were filled with wonderful meats and cheeses. The sandwiches were HUGE, and the desserts were so very good. However, we got tired of waiting/being ignored by the manager and employees while they visited with each other. They always seemed to have fun, while the customers waited and waited to place their order.

    Such a shame to see it go.

    • RKW50

      I would hate to see them go. I’ve always received wonderful service there, and my wife and I often go there prior to grocery shopping. (never shop for groceries on an empty stomach)

  • Jim

    So the 4CDC bought out Shapiro’s $2.5M mortgage but he still owns 98% of the building?? Which is now worth $1.35M?? And these are “seemingly” favorable terms?? Ya think?? Who do I have to be friends with in the Carmel City Hall to get a deal like this?

    • Mr. Ed

      Silly Jim, this is the way that CARMEL does business. Losing money seems to be an acceptable part of Mayor Brainards business team.

    • RKW50

      Be interesting to see if Woody Rider is paying market rates for his space in the City Center. Plus, wonder if the owners of Mangia are happy with their move, now that Kite is doing that great re-development at 116th and Rangeline.

  • RKW50

    I have always felt they were sold a bill of goods, to move from 86th street. What wasn’t mentioned in this article, was the parking lot. I seem to remember there was something in those refinancing dollars that included the parking lot, not just the building. Looks like the Palladium is not driving the traffic they were led to believe.