Shapiro’s Carmel location closing June 17

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  • JK

    Their prices are ridiculous and quality of the food has been lacking lately. Used to be a regular customer; less and less as customer service went down hill and prices went up hill. Know many who are unhappy with Shapiro’s price and quality. Won’t miss them.

    • jabberwocky

      Exactly correct.

  • pjlfam

    the food is over rated the portions suck and whey too expensive. there’s a reason they’re closing. maybe the next restaurant will improve on what the customers want.

    • tim


      • pjlfam

        Yes. Tim?

  • Michael P.

    Sad to hear about Shapiro’s, but it was nice to see Athletico mentioned in the article–it’s connected to the same building as Shapiro’s. I recently went there to get physical therapy on my knee. The quality of the facility and the care from my therapist, Ara, was just amazing. After only two weeks, I’m already seeing huge improvements and would recommend it to anyone. I doubt Shapiro’s leaving will affect their business or any of the other businesses on that block.

  • Jessica

    I also had physical therapy at Athletico next to Shapiro’s. Love that place!

  • John

    I think their high prices has a lot to do with the high rent in Carmel. I know many places left Merchants Square for the same reasons.

  • John Accetturo

    Income less than expenses. That is why businesses fail. The bottom line is that Carmel needs a lot more people traffic to support all these restaurants. Many more restaurants than Shapiro’s
    have failed in Carmel over the last few years. How about a business shuttle from all those high rises on Meridian during lunch hours to bring people to restaurants? Have the businesses pay for the bus service not taxpayers.

  • jabberwocky

    Their food wasn’t what it used to be and their prices are too high.

  • Diner

    Prices of food, portion size and quality equals few customers and poor business plan.