Several sent to hospital after salmonella contamination at Agave Bar and Grill

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  • Many of the previous violations could have lead to a this very of outcome.

    Maybe Mayor Brainard ought to implement a procedure similar to NYC where Restaurants are required to post their inspections on their entrance door or window.

    It seems to be working based on study results and is being examined in a number of cities.

  • cindy true

    …A female diner, who wishes to remain ANONYMOUS , contacted Current in Carmel and said that she knows of at least seven people who were diagnosed with salmonella after eating at Agave this month….
    to try to damage someones business by an anonymous ph call. were are we in Salem?

    • Duh

      Cindy, the health dept and the restaurant confirmed the hospitalizations. And the inspections (over 40 violations in one inspection?! Surely that’s a record!) are posted on the Hamilton County Health Dept. Sounds like facts were reported.

  • cindiana

    sorry to hear this, their food was good

  • Cindy true

    Duh. There isn’t any, such, confirmation of hospitalization from any of them. At least in public. Unless, you have acces to some other kind of information. I love their food ! 🙂

  • Tammy

    Sorry but this is the only good Mexican restaurant in Hamilton County that actually compares to any of the authentic places we visited. It seems for some reason all the other ones in the area seem to think they have to put some Central Indiana or some spin on everything. I really hope they fixed the situation. Would be a shame to see them not open.