Seidensticker and Kimball to compete for Carmel City Council seat

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  • Eric is not someone to toot his own horn. He has a successful business background and a long history of community involvement himself.

    I think we can learn all we need to know about Eric as an intro to the election from the City Website :

    “Eric’s term as Carmel City Councilman began June 21, 2007.

    Eric is CEO/President of Maco Press, Inc. a local Printing and
    Advertising Specialty Business. Eric’s involvement with community
    affairs includes Precinct Committeeman for over 10 years, a member of
    Carmel Masonic Lodge #421, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Indianapolis
    Murat Shrine, an active supporter of Noble of Indiana, and the Masonic
    Learning Center for Dyslexia. Eric attends Northview Christian Church.

    Eric believes the people of Carmel deserve a representative who will
    look out for the best interests of the community, respond to citizen
    concerns, and be actively and intelligently involved in the legislative
    process of local government. He is committed to seeing our city prosper,
    and is excited about the future of our City.

    A lifelong resident of Carmel, Eric graduated from Carmel High School and received his BS in Accounting from Butler University.”

  • NoKim Bell

    The biggest difference I see between the candidates is that Eric works hard to represent his constituency, Bruce works hard to represent Mayor Brainard.

  • carmelpravda

    Neither one of these visionary leaders can fathom the responsibility of maintaining existing problems. They only want more and more new shiny things. Do I vote for the new evil, or the evil I already know? Hrm.. People have asked Bruce to run for years?!! Laughable.