Scotty’s Brewhouse to open in Detour location

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  • David M. Concannon

    Boo. Hiss. Damned disappointing to see one local sucked up by another (lesser) local.

    • Mel

      Look at the positive, they may make food that actually tastes good and have a good beer list, or we can just wait until the non-local pint room comes in and provides something worth visiting.

  • Mike

    A brewhouse with a “family atmosphere” I think this is hilarious. Also, no bands? So basically just like all the other places in downtown Carmel. The no live music decision, hard to see the logical thinking in that.

    • Mel

      Travelling around the country, live music is not the end all be all of good establishment. In fact if you are looking for good food and good beer, many times the music takes up the slack for the lower food quality and still have a good atmosphere. You can have family friendly and great place for younger people as well. Around 8, the crowd starts to switch to an older crowd. As long as it is a GOOD establishment, it will attract all crowds.

  • Dale

    Looking forward to Scotty’s opening. I’d rather see the downtown Carmel area stay family friendly. Also their commitment to not disturbing the neighbors will go a long way with local acceptance.

  • Either or..

    Of course you can’t have both “good food” and “good live entertainment” you must chose between either. I know in downtown Carmel the nursing home turns it’s lights out at 9:PM, so none of the neighbors will be disturbed.

  • Sara

    Too bad. I really enjoyed Detour. As for Scotty’s, hopefully this location has way better customer service than the others…