Safety issues spur decision to ban distribution of candy at CarmelFest parade

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  • T. Moehl

    This is ridiculous. Who gets hurt by people “handing”, not throwing, candy to the kids? What has become of our nation?

  • T. Moehl

    The parade director must be a Dentist?

  • Weaver

    Interest in the parade will wane. After reading this, I went home and asked my 9 year old what he’d think about the parade if there was no candy. His reaction was most likely the same that many parents will/would receive “I don’t even want to go this year”. On the upside, you might not have to set your lawn chairs on Rangeline (to save your spot) a week before the parade!!! Sad news to hear. When I was a kid, collecting candy was what I loved about Carmel’s Parade.