River Road improvements left hanging in TIF dispute

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  • Bob

    Good Job Ms Kennedy! Now, where is the $800,000 from the Energy Center and $29,000 from PAC ticket sales that is not accounted for either? Over $1,800,000 tax money (some say ‘spent, many starting to say ‘diverted’) to keep what going; that is to date unaccounted for? Makes one wonder what else is out there.
    What some may not realize, with the recent CRC bailout of $195,000,000 ALL of Carmel is now a TIF district, so expect more ‘rationalizations’.

  • Rick Smith

    Karen – What does this mean?

    “We didn’t make our plans based on the fact that the money was going to
    be there, but that doesn’t mean that the money shouldn’t be there.”

    Fact is we were pretty gullible as Citizens. The signs of problems have been surfacing for over 15 years. This 61 second video of the Mayor from Nov 2012 with CHTV demonstrates the circular logic that the Mayor exercises so well. Step back a year and look back over the last decade and you can’t dismiss the Ponzi Scheme nature of TIF in Carmel.

    Example of Mayoral doubletalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEUyYqpX5NI

  • Bruce Kimball

    If memories serves me right the city council was given $1.5 million or more by The CRC to be used by the general fund. Good news that a once dead project is back and breathing.

  • Bruce Kimball

    To Bob, there never was any missing money and the audit said so. All monies were fully accounted for.

  • stupid mayor

    Good ‘ol crook Mayor and the piss poor city elected officals

  • Güest

    http://bit.ly/1kzCIbR “Indiana’s Wobbly TIF Law”