Revamped noise ordinance could limit home fireworks displays in Carmel – if state law allows

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  • A Name

    Good move. I have an autistic child near downtown Carmel. The week of the 4th is very painful – the kid won’t sleep. That would be fine on the 4th, but the booms keep him up way past his bedtime for a week or more.

  • guess who

    Yes. Good idea. It’s too much now. They also should make sure the laws forbid shooting these off in public parks

  • Joe

    Sore subject for me. Unless the ordinance is enforced, it doesn’t matter if there are restrictions in place. A common firecracker is louder (on a decibel level) than a jackhammer, rock concert or jet engine. Would we put up with a neighbor that went in his back yard at 10pm on a random Tuesday night in July and fired up his jackhammer? Of course not, but somehow these things are associated with freedom of expression and patriotism so we “allow” the abuse. On the 4th, its celebrating. Every other day, its just blowing stuff up and making noise. What gets me more than anything is how oblivious and inconsiderate you have to be to think its okay to detonate explosives in your backyard all summer long.

  • No Baseball In Indiana

    How about dogs? People are out if hand with their animals around here.

  • Guy

    You dam right the Firework laws have been taken too far . Stop this madness. 11 days of fireworks of any kind? Repeal the entire fireworks laws and ban them…