Report: Carmel’s retiree health insurance underfunded by $19.7 million

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  • Rick Smith

    This has to have been a known issue for the Mayor in late 2011. The work on the Bailout was started at the beginning of 2012. These video’s from Oct 2012 show the Mayor in a state of desperation as he pleads to:

    “Let us spend the Rainy Day Fund NOW!” Mayor Jim Brainard

    A particularly specific and reasonable response was given by Councilor Schleif :

    Councilor Schleif sheds light on real budget issues.

    It is past time for our citizens to become involved! Please investigate yourself. You don’t get what you expect, you get what you inspect.

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  • Rick Smith

    This is nothing more than an attempt to derail public discussion by spamming the discussion. It was a very interesting piece and maybe I missed it but it had nothing to do with the topic. I suggest that this is not a wise route for a number of reasons. The Current has in my opinion improved it’s writing and public service. To try to thwart that by overwhelming the system with spam is not a service to anyone. Looks like dirty tricks in response to respectful dialogue. To use a video of the Knights of Columbus for this purpose is truly twisted. Who would be behind an attempt at such dirty tricks? You all know my position, I’m critical of the recent lack of leadership. It is obvious you are a Mayoral supporter. Let’s debate in the light of day and not cause the Current in Carmel to suffer. We should be able to discuss this as adults, shouldn’t we?