Rash of business closings in Carmel

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  • RKW50

    City center. Great location for an office or residence, terrible location for a retail business. Not enough convenient parking, or visibility to the roads. Kudos to Matt the Millers. They are doing a great job. I’m sure we will see many other retail shops come and go there.

  • Susan

    Some businesses at City Center are thriving. I love 14 District’s weekend shop and there is no better place in all of Indianapolis than Addendum for gifts and small luxuries the owner has a real eye for quality. I take classes at the Yoga studio and they are always packed. I do think the management of City Center needs to be more careful in selecting stores. They need to think of the overall mix and what will compliment the existing businesses. I wish Formal Affair luck, but she had more of a closet at City Center and not a store.I never shopped at Authentic Sports, but any store geared towards men has an uphill battle to begin with – it’s women who do the shopping.