Range Line Road, Carmel Drive could be city’s 100th roundabout

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  • RKW50

    Looks like a pretty sharp right turn south from carmel drive to range line. Hope thats not the final design! Gonna be some accidents there from people pulling in the Shell station. Surely they are changing that.

  • Mark

    The mayor said the Carmel Drive RAB wouyld be completed in 3 months. That would mean that it should open Sunday, November 6th. If you check the weather since August Carmel has had very few rain days. “Originally it was thought the roundabout could be complete before Thanksgiving, but that might not happen.” Are they planning on paving the street with concrete? The asphalt plants will be shutting down soon.

    On another note. The mayor touts that RAB’s have less accidents than intersections with stoplights. I beg to differ. The Chief of Police put out annual reports that up until 2015 had a map of the Top 20 Accident Locations. http://www.carmel.in.gov/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentID=5712 Page 23.

    In 2014 the Keystone and 116th RAB had 68. Keystone and 96th St had 38. How many more cars go through the 96th St compared to 116th St. My guess is at least double if not quadripple.

    Almost 2 weeks ago I went to the Carmol Police station and completed a form asking for the Top accident locations in Carmel. I have not heard from them. I am curious why after years of putting the Top 20 Accident Locations in the Chief Of Police Annual Reports, why he did not do so for 2015.

    • vikramjatt11

      I believe it is not that roundabouts cause less accidents. The severity of those accidents causes way less damage, bodily injury, or death. That is mostly due to the way the entrance to the roundabouts is, the reduced speed, and the limited points of impact in a roundabout compared to a 4 way stoplight.

      • Mark

        From the mayor “. And a 40 percent reduction in all accidents.””

        The RAB at Carmel Dr. and Keystone PKY had 36 accidents. An intersection on the same road but at Rangeline had 23 accidents.

        In 2012 the number of vehicles involved in accidents was 3,379. The estimated damage was $8.4 million. Two years later there was a 30% increase in accidents. 2014 saw 4,633 behicles involved in accidents. The amount of damaged increased by 37%.

        According to the numbers the mayor is wrong.