Questions to ask when creating an anti-discrimination law

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  • Bob

    “It is hereby declared to be the policy of the City that no person, corporation, partnership, company, or other individual or entity located within, or conducting business within, the City’s corporate limits shall…”
    Adam-note the first word in the first sentence; Person. I keep reading about business impact but AS WRITTEN it applies to anyone. If this ordinance is about fines, which the article seems to insinuate, that tells me its true intent. It is NOT about acceptance, but punishment. That is a bad foundation on which to make a law. And, due to references within the ordinance (both City Code and Indiana Code), while the court MAY suspend any fines, if it does ‘uncompensated work benefitting the community” results. Further, actions by a court order could result in a property having to be vacated or demolished or a lien in the amount of between $10-$20,000 superior to all other liens could be placed upon the property.
    Is that what the City Council is really signing up for?

  • Well heck yeah! If we can’t trust the Mayor who can we trust?

    Why do we need all these Councilors getting in the way of progress?

    Eliminate the City Council. Think of the money we could save.

  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    “If you don’t want to serve gay people because of your religious beliefs, is that OK?” Not just “serve”…but fire, hire, deny housing to, deny medical care and schooling to, deny social services and all other aspects vital to life and living…not just “serve”.

  • Scott Dillon

    I have a question to ask. Have proponents of this law advanced a single example of alleged discrimination of the type that this legislation is intended to address, occurring within Carmel in the recent past? I have lived in Carmel since 2004, and have no recollection, via the media, or otherwise, of any Carmel resident ever contending that he or she was refused service from a business in Carmel due to his or her sexual orientation.

  • Larry Verrill

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender: Isn’t calling these unfortunate people the “LGBT People” discrimination in it’s self???