Questions about energy center deal linger

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  • This is the Company we last used for the Energy Center.

    Note they still show the Energy Center as one of their crowning achievements under Projects.

    I don’t understand how we sold a building for $5.5 million and leased it back for $16.3 million at 7% interest for 25 years and that makes us money.

    All sales in the same day; 2 sales moving between CRC and Community Facility Partners.

    Clearly there should be discussion prior to entering into another such deal but if the Mayor seats his slate you can expect it to sail through
    without so much as a perfunctory glance.

    • Adam Aasen

      More to come in later stories. I wrote too long again

  • Larry Verrill

    Sounds like a Maddox investment scheme, a “Gipsy shuffle” or a “Price is Right” game to me. Since Mr. Moffett did not plan for heating and cooling for his “Mid-Town Development”, is the CRC, etc. going to have to go thru this all over again??? For every one of these “improvement projects” the city and developers have constructed, there has been some sort of shady deal or money shuffle connected with it.

  • Adam Aasen

    2 more parts to this story still to come — Adam