Q&A: Mayor explains proposed zoning changes in Old Town

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  • 123SNL456

    Would transparency be a concern with the CRC when it comes to zoning?

    No. All meetings are public whether it’s the plan commission or the redevelopment commission, so there’s no change there.

    Say Jim ….. What about all of those “executive secession” meetings of the CRC, which occur right before the public meetings?

    Yep…now that’s transparent!

  • John Accetturo

    Giant power grab and system to avoid public scrutiny. The City Council even mocks citizens when they speak at Council meetings. Most Carmel voters don’t care so they’re getting what they deserve.

  • Robert E. Waring

    SoDoSopa – Welcome Home

  • Teri Su Garske

    The multiple story buildings in the middle of a field looks ridiculous. Example: Corner of 126th/Rangeline and the New Olivia (Main/Old Meridian). It really messes with my brain when driving by.