Public invited to give input on future of West Park

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  • RKW50

    One of the suggestions by some short sited people, and suggested at one of the meetings, was “glamping.” Now think about it. Glamping will require 24/7 supervision. Either by paid personnel, or by the police. Not to mention, that is SUCH a Carmel thing to do. Think of the press coverage (ex current). A couple of other suggestions are just duplicating services at Monon Center, like indoor facilities. West park is popular due to it being a more “natural” area in a sea of apartments, construction, and retail development. Personally, I would want it to stay the way it is, but do agree with updating existing facilities, and maybe some outdoor exercise stops on the paths. Ask me to get a DNA test for my dog to walk with me, and that gets me on the opposition. Thats why there are poop bags there. Also, we do a large picnic there every year for about 40-50 people, and pay for the large shelter. Make this place a Carmel “Disneyland,” and we will most likely look elsewhere. When I read all the suggestions, and potential “improvements,” all I can think is “wonder who is making a profit on this thing.” Follow the money.