Poindexter announces candidacy

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  • Jim Weaver

    Judge Brian Poindexter (JBP) runs the worst “kangaroo” court in the State of Indiana. On 12/7/09, JBP allowed a policeman to show up three hours late to court, a prosecutor to “lead” the officer through a series of obviously “yes” answers, perjured himself repeatedly under oath and did not allow me to cross examine the officer. As a lawyer, I knew this court was a “money maker” for the county when the prosecutor offered everyone in the court a deal prior to JBP entering the room “pay traffic ticket and you can leave” … another guy said “why should I … did not do anything wrong … that’s why I am here!”. Don’t care if it’s a Republican, Democrat or Capt. Kangaroo … I will contribute to the campaign and vote against anybody that will run against JBP. – JW