Plum Creek residents concerned about potential development near golf course

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  • 123SNL456

    Didn’t Ron Carter, the Mayor and Hollibaugh all support the rezoning of Mohawk to Grameracy and the elimination of the golf course?

    Just an example of Ron Carter being a NIMBY / hypocrit when he has been so critical of other people being concerned about the impact of the “Vision” upon their property values.

    Oh wait, I forgot, Brad Chambers of Buckingham was a huge contributor to the FOJB – Friends of Jim Brainard (Developers, engineers, architects and attorneys doing business in, and/or with the City of Carmel).

    • Bill Myrvold

      If I am not mistaken, Buckingham owns the old golf course and Mohawk-Gramercy apartments. Improvements to your own property at your expense should be welcomed. Suggest 123SNL456 get the facts straight.

      • 123SNL456

        Bill Myrvold:

        Agree that one should pay for improvements to one’s own property – yet Buckingham / Mohawk / Gramercy bellied up to the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) feed trough.

        Perhaps you should do some research. If you do so, you will find that when Gramercy was initially filed with Plan Commission (Oct. 2006), Mr. Chambers had made a campaign contribution to the FOJB. Once the project was in the pipeline, Jim actually RETURNED the $$$$ (Dec.). Then in March / April of the following year, Brad made another contribution (which Jim kept) and the project was immediately moved out of the Plan Commission sub-committee, sent to City Council and approved.

      • Bob

        I remember that TIF. It was for $20 million. Then Buckingham split and built City Way downtown Indy instead. I believe the recent $240 million bond has money in it to do what the original TIF was slated to do including building a road through what is currently the 509 (?) Event Center (aka old Marsh). Nothing like spending money twice, huh?

  • RKW50

    This will be very interesting. East side of Carmel is seeing some controversial development. I wonder how they (and Ron Carter) would feel if it was a huge retail/commercial development instead?