Pint Room one of many new openings on Carmel’s Main Street

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  • RKW50

    So how is the parking situation? Can you park outside and walk right in, or have to park in garages, go up and down stairs, and walk? No parking, no business.

    • Phenix

      Plenty of parking. If you lose your breath walking from the garage elevator to the restaurant you should probably just stay in bed with your C-PAP.

      • RKW50

        No problem here. But ask Mangia how that worked out for them. And the several restaurants that didn’t make it on main street, due to no convenient parking. Gonna be just fine in the summer, but remember the winter we just had?

    • Fukit

      You sound like a lazy ass.,prob over weight too.

  • Bill M

    Do they do growler fills of Zombie Dust?

  • killallthelawyers

    First one to drink a pint from all 124 taps wins! Ready, set go…………