Pedcor CEO: All Midtown land acquired

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  • Rick Smith

    Quote from above article:
    “Mayor Jim Brainard disputed that number, saying it’s closer to $8 to $10
    million. He said public money would have to be spent on parking, but
    believes the hurdle isn’t insurmountable. He thinks the time table on
    construction could be sooner than people think.”

    Not to belabor history but Mayor Brainard stated in 1999 State of the City that work would begin on The Performing Arts Center in 2000 if his ‘plans’ came together.

    They did not. Additionally the original estimate was for less than half of the total cost of the Performing Arts Center. That would seem to lend credence to Councilor Snyder’s estimate of $16 to $20 million which would be in line based on past history.

  • Matt

    Why is Carmel’s City Plan to constantly tear down empty old buildings, only to then construct large expensive buildings that sit empty because the rent is to high to be cost effective for businesses or residents to afford? I have never heard anyone traveling on the monon say “you know what would make me use this trail more? development!” I understand that the city needs tax dollars, but in my mind they wouldn’t need as much money if they broke away from this tear down then rebuild cycle. An abandoned industrial park is an eyesore and a safety hazard, but so is an abandonned brick monstrosity of a commercial center. If you must tear down the old structures for safety or public health, how about replacing them with parks or wilderness areas. I know that kind of development WOULD get me to use the Monon more.

  • Larry Verrill

    Mayor Brainard has never estimated a construction cost that ever came near to the actual cost. Everything he estimates is just another snow job to the public.