Payment to former director Les Olds puts dent in CRC budget

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  • IBJNews

    Carmel council axes funding for redevelopment commission boss

    August 6, 2013


    Note – IBJ Article clearly shows his services were terminated in a timely and legal manner.

    Mr Mayor as I have not heard your explanation on this
    matter I would like to know what are your feelings about a deliberate
    misuse of 4CDC Funds?

    You have one opportunity to free yourself from association with this
    deliberate attempt to circumvent your and Council’s agreement. You either walk it back now or wear the stinking albatross of $34,500 illicit payment around your neck for the next election cycle.

    The reforms posted above were agreed to by both the Council of which Mr. Carter is a member and by you, yourself, Mayor.

  • Bob

    When does it STOP? “This” quasi-governmental agency pays THAT quasi-governmental agency’s bills, then deducts it from the amount owed. All to ‘avoid a fight’ (which, in mayor speak means “so no one knows.”) Pathetic.
    I am beginning to feel Ms Myer was a) lied to when she took the job and b) may want to seriously consider a new client. It seems like she is being set up to be the ‘goat’ in this charade.

  • Larry Verrill

    Why was Mr. Olds being paid $60,000 in the first place and when, where and did he have any proof that he actually did the extra $34,450 worth of work????