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Obituary: Noreen Johnson

Noreen Johnson, 69 of Carmel, died March 3, 2015. Noreen was born, June 12, 1945 in Chicago, IL to the late Harry and Elsie Dickers. She was a realtor with Kaiser Realty in Carmel...

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Column: The nobility of knowability

“Knowing God is not just analogous to knowing what infinity is, since we can have some idea of that. No, the infinite God must be infinitely unknowable.” – from a First Things article by...

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Obituary: Tom Farris

Tom Farris, 78, of Carmel, died on Mar. 6, 2015 from Parkinson’s and Lewy-body dementia. He was born Sept. 19, 1936 to Florence and Reps Farris near Hampshire, Tenn. He is survived by his wife,...