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Flapper girls Angela Vance of Fishers, Nicole Wawok of Geist, Tricia Griunta of Geist, Elizabeth Shipe of Fishers, Tricia McCormick of Geist, Kelly Thompson of Geist, Chris Nevogt of Geist, Amanda Uskert of Fishers and Brooke Donley of Fishers said they had a wonderful evening of murder, mayhem and moonshine. The guests enjoyed a tour of the mansion and thought the dinner prepared by Ritz Charles was simply divine. 0

Where’s Amy?: Murder, mayhem and moonshine

“Where’s Amy?” … assuming the role of gangster Al Cologne at a murder mystery dinner held at the beautiful Coxhall Mansion in Carmel. The Coxhall Guild held a sold-out fundraiser for the Friends of...

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Column: Cache, cachet and cash

Question: I need some help here: I see the words “cache” and “cachet” more and more often, and I want to make sure I’m using them correctly. Are they interchangeable? Answer: If there’s a...

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Column: Necessary grace

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith … it is the gift of God.” – Ephesians 2:8 The Bible convinces me God knew what He was doing when He created...

One of the skylight domes at Market District.
(Photo by Audrey Bailey) 0

Carmel’s Market District seeks sustainability

By Audrey Bailey For the new Market District in Carmel, every corner has been thoughtfully designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Hanging from the ceiling are LED lights and reclaimed signs with...

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Opinion: Enjoying a little Guinness

What’s the longest known chest hair? The heaviest pumpkin on record? Or the longest time a person ever whistled? See a list of these superlatives by reading the newest edition of the Guinness World Records Book....