Ordinance to require turn signals in roundabouts struggles to get Carmel City Council support

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  • Tony Johnson

    Another law that would be impossible to enforce and accomplish little to nothing.

  • Bob Smith

    As a driver education instructor in Carmel, I think the proposed turn signal on roundabout
    ordinance should be voted down for several reasons.

    First, there are many other vehicular issues that need to be dealt with. Carmel drivers seem to think
    that actually stopping at a stop sign is optional, it’s not. People are already ignoring turn signals on
    their cars, they don’t use them for regular turns and now they will be expected to deal with another turn signal issue.
    I’m laughing already.

    Second, you are turning your wheel to the left and signaling right, which continually cancels
    the signal. My students are already trying to do this and sometimes become so involved in
    making this work they fail to address all other issues on the roundabout. Another issue with signaling which I
    personally see making matters worse is, the drivers entering the roundabout have no clue which exit you are signaling for.
    You technically should not signal until you are passing the exit prior to the one you plan to use. You don’t
    have room to execute the signal and the exit before you are past the exit you want or already making the turn still fighting the signal.

    I like roundabouts for a variety of reasons, but they are hard to teach as the young driver is using so many of their skills that if this is made mandatory, I don’t know how many tickets my colleagues and I will get while teaching. You’ll be using my teaching time listening to a lecture that I’ve already given the student. We teach using signals on roundabouts and I personally have already faced all the problems with this issue.