Ordinance to be introduced to deal with CRC finances

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  • It is good to see the City Council and the CRC working better together. Corrie Meyer always shows up with firm answers to questions and a can do attitude.

    Even the Council seems to be finding more they can agree on. At times engaging in well led and deliberative sessions they have actually settled issues in a mutually agreeable way.

    Could this be the start of a New Era? We need to be open and honest and quit ‘cleansing’ the “Truth”.

  • Larry Verrill

    Mr. Smith (below) has pretty much expressed my feelings with a couple of exceptions. I can not understand how the mayor and/or city council can “appoint” the board members of a not-for-profit organization. Ron Carter is a long time elected member of the City council. He was at one time appointed by the mayor to the CRC while still on the council. Now he has been appointed by the mayor to the board of the 4CDC while still a councilman. How can this be??? How can this be ethical??? Why is this not a conflict of interests??? While a city councilman he has served on two boards who were, and still may be, at odds with the city council.