Opposition to proposed Monon Lake development south of Home Place gains traction

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  • RKW50

    Commissioner Adams, I completely agree with your comment, and I am not even near the project. I whole heartedly agree with single family homes. The development at the old golf center seems to be more in line with that too, however across Range Line, there’s another huge multi family development planned. Who knows how much money is flowing to election campaigns to get that approved. Unfortunately, Mr. Shaniver is probably right. Whenever a developer brings a PUD to the council, they always seem to “work things out” to the benefit of the developers. Residents over there, just be thankful they are not proposing 120,000 sq ft grocery stores and gas stations. That would be approved in a NY minute.

  • Kathy M

    I agree with the assessment that there is significant demand for nice homes on smaller lots. The baby boomers are getting older, and there are very few neighborhoods in Carmel that can accommodate them as they look to downsize – especially if they want to avoid stairs. Personally, it’s an issue in my family as I would like my mom to stay close as she ages, but she has had to look in surrounding communities. If anything, I think that price point on this development is too high. We don’t have affordable housing for seniors available. This is important if we want to be a multi-generational community.