Opinion: The term ‘Carmel hater’ is a trap

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  • You are right. That was really an outstanding story.

    Sorry to see you go.

    It seems if the Administration doesn’t cooperate, as you have found, it is nearly impossible to get the information necessary to do your job as a journalist. Kind of keeps everything neat and tidy from the Administrations position.

    It is only fair to add that the Mayor has been kind enough to publicly share information with me on the City’s Parking Garages and has communicated on a couple of other issues. I do appreciate his openness.

    It perplexes me that he would allow his Administration to so blatantly cut off all their outgoing sources of information because the Managing Editor had been labeled a ‘Carmel Hater’ by anyone.

    Labeling (Carmel Hater) I believe is being used as a form of depersonalizing and bullying those who are not in lockstep with ALL aspects of the Administration. Unfortunately the term and the bullying are not uncommon in the Administration and has been a top down activity in the past.

  • Pete, you will be missed. You are an excellent journalist who looks at both sides of a story or issue. Dwight and I both wish you well and hope to stay in touch.