Opinion: Referendum on transit is coming

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  • Diane Henderson Thomas

    There needs to be organized opposition to this. I hope I can help defeat this. Seems that voter turnout in Carmel is very low. Hence, our new City Council with their shower demands and uncontrolled spending. I hope people in this community wake up and vote!!

  • RKW50

    I am not for it either. Nor, if people really look into it, will the majority of carmel. However, the mayor and his cronies have a war chest to spend on promoting such things, provided by his commercial development friends. The Mayor and the commercial development friends want this, as minimum wage folks are hindered from getting to their jobs up here in carmel. Perhaps these employers should pay more, or pay for the transportation themselves. Perhaps these businesses (fast food etc.) should have considered this issue before they built their business! The developers are already getting sweet deals on taxes. As I have stated before, and Diane points out, the tax they are looking for to cover this, is just a starting point. Every few months, we notice a small tax raise, and new or increased fees.

    And again, if we are really serious about mass transit, quit spending all the money on adding interstate lanes, interchanges, and roundabouts, and put in some serious light rail system. Love the Monon, but the government and city missed that chance.