Opinion: Persuasion is powerful tool

In the wake of Donald Trump’s presumptive nomination for the Republican entry into the presidential election, there has come the usual analysis. It’s mostly what we expected. “Trump’s gonna have his hands full.” “(Hillary Rodham) Clinton is going to take the full measure of Trump.” “This is going to be a battle royale.” “She’s gonna make him choke on his past.” Putting those obvious comments aside, Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, took us with his own analysis. In short, he wrote he believes Trump’s methods of persuasion are genius, even though Adams is not a Trump supporter.  He predicted last August that Trump would win the election. “I can’t make this post appear balanced because Clinton is making big mistakes on the persuasion dimension, while Trump is being his usual skillful self,” Adams wrote. We urge you to read his insights, which we find extremely interesting, at blog.dilbert.com.

* * *

Sky News appeared at Current Publishing to quiz us on the mood of the area and what might have led to Trump’s presumptive nomination. Like we’re experts? Ha! Need to aim higher, gents! We very much enjoyed their company and off-camera chats about the political climates in England, where scores worship the queen, and here in ‘Merica, where scores worship the Kardashians.

* * *

To those of you that got out and voted last week, congratulations. You contributed to turnout totals that eclipsed 2012 and 2008. As to those that decided not to vote, or weren’t able to vote, there’s still November’s General Election Day, so you still have a chance to make a difference. Right and responsibility, that’s what it’s all about.

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