Opinion: Opening door for our readers

As you might know, we use independent marketplace research at Current Publishing to determine what our content should be. The most recent round of research has been completed by SMARI, Inc., and the research firm treated us to something of an executive summary last week. While there is much to dig through, we learned, among other things, that Current is reaching a vast audience, approval exceeds 90 percent and readers want involvement. Because of that high level of interest, we are opening the door to readers that would like to participate in this column. As soon as we’re able, we would like to retitle this tome, now in its 10th year, Roses and Thorns. The idea is to have you and others tell everyone who or what in the community should get a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down and why. It would be a few words about a good deed done, or a few on something that takes issue with, for example, municipal infrastructure. Given the column’s space limitations, we would edit for length. The broader idea is to provide you and your fellow readers with an outlet, involve you more and maybe bring light to something that otherwise would not have been noticed.

* * *

We’re proud to support the annual Friends of Chaucie’s Place Breakfast at Ritz Charles in Carmel on April 27, and we hope you will, too.  It’s a 7 a.m.-to-9 a.m. fundraiser, and we always learn something. Chaucie’s Place, you might know, is a child advocacy organization that focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse and youth suicide. Ticket ($10) may be purchased at chauciesplace.org.

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