Opinion: On mass transit: Very open minds

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  • It won’t fly privatized as you are certainly aware. Transit is necessary and economically feasible. The question should be how do we make it fly.

    This initiative being pushed by Business and Chambers of Commerce, who seem to have ever increasing clout with our politicians, is a growing necessity for our economy and business operations.

    While it definitely benefits those who don’t own cars it greatly benefits the business community which needs lower wage employees in Hamilton county ( those who don’t own cars) and the corridor through which transit would run. It is also the case that businesses are in a position to impact the travel habits of their employees by offering incentives to use transit. In this way employees that are able to use transit can be offered perks to get their employees on board. Small reductions in vehicles on the road has a big impact on congestion. The more they get on the bus the better it is for auto commuters.

    Put the cost of this transit option to a vote by the business community. It is nonsense that business expects taxpayers to subsidize their operations. Transit doesn’t work for everyone but it is indispensable to some. Get business on the bus and get their employees on it too.The business community that benefits needs to put THEIR money in the fare box!

    Transit is worthwhile and doable. It is NOT going to fly as it is currently proposed.