Opinion: It’s high time to shutter IRS

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  • Larry Verrill

    The I.R.S. has needed overhauling and restructuring for many years. If the Democrats, Republicans, Independents and any other parties could see their way to work together, we could have some good and useful legislation turned into laws. But we all know this “ain’t gonna happen”. Very few legislators have the people in mind. Most of them are only interested in the perks that go with the job.

  • Larry Verrill

    About the lightning bug, of course your right. It is a waste of the legislatures time and the peoples tax money when there are so many much more important problems to take care of, but how can you ridicule one of a child’s most fun times when they get out in the yard with a net, catch these fascinating insects, do the jar thing and watch them light up their bedrooms……..Shame on you.

  • Mr. Ed

    Mr Verrill, your VOTE on how to fix the IRS and bug choices would be much appreciated. I would propose to have the mosquito as our state bug since they seem to be around from March to December each year. The fireflies usually get here in early June and are gone as the summer sun dries up the landscape.