Opinion: Involvement is good for you

With all the guns-and-butter news of recent days, we thought we’d turn our attention and yours to something that may prove fulfilling to you. We’re talking about volunteering. Friends of ours, Rollie and Cheri Dick, he the ex-chief financial officer at the former Conseco, and she the former executive director of Civic Theatre, met while volunteering, crafted a wonderful, later-in-life love affair and eventually married. The one-time widower and widow might never had met had it not been for their volunteering efforts. Rollie is fond of saying, “Good things happen to those who volunteer.” He’s quite correct. While you may not find the love of your life, we encourage you to consider volunteering at one of the many community festivals coming up in celebration of the Fourth of July. It always amazes us, being volunteers ourselves, how everyone pulls together for the cause, whatever it may be, and many come away with a lot of gratification if not newfound friendships. It doesn’t have to be a festival. So many not-for-profits could use a few or more hours of your time through the year. You can help in a number of areas. It’s ultra-gratifying work, and it feels so good knowing you made a difference. So, don’t be shy; look for opportunities in the community and please consider making the commitment to pay forward as you are able. The whole practice of volunteerism enhances the community in ways many of us cannot fathom.

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Heads up: Because July 4 falls on a Monday, the United States Postal Service will be closed. As such, Current will be delivered July 2 with the day’s mail.

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