Opinion: GOP: The party of no change

We watched the Republican debate Tuesday evening and came away impressed by how Fox Business News acquitted itself with pointed questions and a serious approach. We didn’t think the debate changed the trajectory of any candidate, but we believe Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky had his best performance; Ben Carson may be the big winner, holding his own when facing questions about his past; Carly Fiorina did well (and we always enjoy her reminding us of how ineffective the Republican-controlled Congress is, and that she will actually accomplish something); Sen. Mark Rubio of Florida had a slightly weaker performance compared to his prior debates, but overall he still did well. Rubio may be emerging as the choice of the Republican National Committee, which, we’re guessing, is losing confidence in its top choice, Mr. Sominex himself, Jeb Bush. Donald Trump did OK, but the most insufferable bore on stage, without a doubt, is the creepy governor of Ohio, John Kasich, who can’t drop out fast enough as far as we’re concerned. Ted Cruz played to his conservative base. We still believe for the sake of our nation, we need a true outsider in order to address some of our pressing problems. Otherwise, nothing will change. By the way, in the junior-varsity debate, we thought Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) did very well by going after the accomplishment-free Hillary Clinton. His prosecutorial training served him well. Christie could rebound. The best line of the evening was his: “Hillary Clinton’s coming for your wallet, everybody. Don’t worry about (Mike) Huckabee or (Bobby) Jindal. Worry about her. … (She) believes she can make decisions for you better than you can make them for yourself.”

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