Opinion: Ferguson: Wrong on many levels

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  • guess who

    Congrats. This piece is not as right wing as most of your editorials.

  • Thorvington Finglethorpe

    This editorial is ignorant slanted claptrap: The hassle between Brown and the shopkeeper was a misunderstanding, as the shopkeeper said in his open letter to the community, because he mistakenly believed Brown hadn’t paid for the cigars. The same tape (the unedited version that Police didn’t release) shows Brown PAYING a different employee for the cigars in his hand. He didn’t “steal” anything or “rob” anyone.

    It’s an obvious character assassination: A twisting of facts–there was no “robbery” or “theft” or whatever you call it.

    It’s obvious how the editors of “Current in Carmel” ended up in such a non-prestigious publication: They aren’t very good journalists and can’t be bothered to check facts. Shame on you for uncritically parroting this vile, race-baiting character assassination.