Opinion: Epic Catholic fail

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  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Stand up for your own beliefs even if they counter God? I’d love to hear his well thought out reasons.

    • corybantic


  • Yankeegator


    This Mother’s relativistic failure is very sad. Prayers for her and lost son…

  • Zacchaeus

    If your son made “the right choice”, it will have been analogous to the toddler’s choice to wander before the instinct to check in, which is good and given according to nature, kicks in. Only God can spare him from heading over a moral, intellectual, and spiritual cliff. It is good to develop critical thinking and the courage of one’s convictions, but the sense of humility before supernatural, transcendent reality that Catholic faith imparts is a far higher good, and one that as a Catholic mother you have a responsibility to cultivate in your children. It is telling and very sad that in reaction to your son’s announcement your instinct was to become preoccupied with cake and gift etiquette. Do not applaud him or yourself too quickly, dear lady. God willing, he may come back to the faith and even be strengthened in it from this excursion. But it IS an excursion, and in the meantime, he has turned away from the means of eternal salvation and put his immortal soul at risk. If your love of your son is informed by genuine faith, you need to pray constantly for his eternal life, just as you would have been vigilant when he wandered off as a toddler before, thankfully, checking in.

  • Pamela

    Madam, you are delusional if you think the situation you have just described paints you as a “decent” mom. Encouraging a minor (or anyone, for that matter) to stand up for beliefs — “whatever they are” — is downright irresponsible. You have essentially allowed this young man to renounce his Catholic faith, the One True Faith given to us by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Our Creator. Meanwhile, you have devalued the faith to his sister, who went through with her sacrament. Good luck with that. Maybe try reading a Catechism for some enlightenment. I will pray for your family. Peace out.

    • BB

      I couldn’t have said it better, Pamela. I will pray for them as well- it’s absolutely heartbreaking she doesn’t realize what she has done.

  • Jackie Alnor

    Your son made the right decision — now I pray in rejecting the mega-false church – an institution not founded on biblical principles – he chooses to follow Jesus Christ and look for His soon return. Getting away from Rome is the first step. The next step is for him to turn his life over to Christ and get to know Him via His Word without any mediators getting in the way.

    “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” – John 6:37

    • USFred

      Where does it say in “His Word” that you can only get to know Him through His Word?

    • fergusfsu

      We don’t recognize you as having any authority to declare doctrines for the Christian faith. You set yourself up as an Apostle and reject those who actually have authority handed down from the true Apostles.

      BTW, who canonized your bible? What was his name and when did he canonize it?

    • Robin

      Interesting you would use a verse from the Bread of Life discourse to try and discredit the Catholic church. Using the verse alone is to take it out of context. I guess it is a ray of hope that you are even aware of chapter 6 of the Gospel according to Saint John.
      As a result of this discourse, most Jews left Jesus. This teaching was too hard for them to accept.
      Only the Catholic Church lives out this teaching. Protestants, like Jews of old, walked away because it was too hard to accept.

  • Shelly Gale
  • corybantic

    Pray tell, what were his “good reasons?” Bet we’ll never know because if she does tell us, it’ll give us insight as to how lax a “c”atholic she really is that she was unable to 1) give TRUTHFUL rebuttal to “good” reasoning and 2) it’ll demonstrate just how little she knows about her faith.

    A good parent challenges their children, they do not let them opine and then turn around and become complacent with a child’s idea of right and wrong. Mrs./Ms. Wilson should bone up on her Catholic theology and challenge what ever notions her son gave her that caused him to reject the truth of Christ.

    I’m gonna bet that she won’t do that either…can’t have her attempt to change her ways now, can we?

  • Martie

    Your first thought is 2 cakes? Then continuing pasta salad for the event. I guess you were looking for the church to do your job. My daughter was also on this retreat. She is much more faithful than I, even though I to was raised Catholic from birth. I am firm in my beliefs, but weaker in practice. I would not be so nonchalant had my daughter chosen not to be confirmed. I would have blamed myself. Catholic fail is you. I hope your cakes were delicious, because they seemed very important to you.

  • Well Mrs. Wilson, clap clap, you have accomplished something not many have achieved, you have actually become the subject of one of Michael Voris “Vortex” episodes. (see “Yankeegator’s post below”) You have to be “really something else” to accomplish this. Do your soul a favor and watch the episode. Then watch about the last 100 Vortex episodes. Then, if you look back and feel that you haven’t been catechised properly, and feel the need to play ‘catch up’… sit your son down to watch the whole series of “The One True Faith” on the churchmilitant site. Then, with proper education, understanding what is at stake, have your son confirmed ASAP. Peace be with you, and God love you.

  • 441019

    You (mother) raised him (and his sister) as a Catholic, and now you say that he made the right choice by leaving his Faith? I can’t understand the reasoning, or why the relatives celebrated his decision (“as a special moment”). In the early days of Christianity, there were martyrs who chose to die rather than burn a little incense the the Roman emperor. In other countries, Christians are being persecuted, beheaded, and sometimes even crucified for their belief in Christ. But you are proud of your son for leaving the Church.

  • daniel santos

    This mother should read the confession of St. Augustine and learn more about St. Monica.

  • michelleyagerfrench

    Wow Im almost speechless! As a devout Catholic and a daughter who just received her First Holy Communion I myself would have been mortified. This is what’s wrong with this generation of kids! We as Christian parents are the only hope to make sure that God is number 1 no matter what! It’s sad that too many people worry about offending others because of their religious beliefs.