Column: Carmel’s first dog park needed more planning

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  • Rick Smith

    In defense of Tom Wood I would have to repeat the quote bottom up growth is chaotic but smart and top down tends to be orderly but dumb.

    As you mentioned there may be a number of issues that need addressed and that’s ok. I understand your concerns and am glad you pointed them out to Tom Wood and shared them with the readers so due caution can be exercised but we have waited years for the planned City dog park.

    While this might be somewhat of a chaotic and dumb case I suspect Tom
    Wood put a lot of effort, time and money into the project, it’s just not
    in their area of expertise. So it really was a top down job. They got it done it just has some/numerous bugs

    So I can forgive their mistakes and am grateful they are trying to make a difference. We need more businesses that take risks toward community betterment.

    I might suggest a community forum as a good place for businesses to test out their ideas and get input from the community before execution. It will be more chaotic but will lead to smarter decisions, better outcomes and less cost.

    For any businesses that want public input before proceeding with a similar project I highly recommend Carmel Chatter.

  • Maisy’s Mom

    This editorial is absolutely on point … or on all four points, rather.
    I have great dogs who love dog parks and I would drive to Indy Humane or Fishers before taking my dogs into a park with no oversight, no double gates, no water, no registrations or requirement that dogs be polite and vaccinated.

    I do not blame Tom Wood Subaru; they sell and service cars and their contribution to the establishment of this park is laudable. But whoever thought all that is needed to create a dog park was some fencing and land knows nothing about dogs or parks. I suppose when someone’s dog – or child – is injured the poor planning will become evident to all, but it will not be the fault of Tom Wood Subaru.

  • James Wetzel

    If you think a dog park is a place where you can take your dog off-lead and just let them run free, you have no business at a dog park. Dog parks are full of mostly irresponsible dog owners.

    • Bre

      It is a great place for socialization and play! 423 square feet is just too small.

  • Bre

    Bloomington IN has a free dog park that is open to anyone and does not require any kind of registration. It has three fenced areas for different sized dogs, double entry ways, and a bath area as well as water for the dogs in the summer and tables and chairs for owners! I have taken my dogs there for years and have never had a bad experience. But then I move to Indy and all the places have crazy fees, and insane rules. Indy needs to create a multiple acre park, that is free and available to the public and needs to be named by city government. It is possible!

    Also, there are no issues with bully breeds. I have been bitten by more Pomeranians than bullies. This editorial has some correct issues, but a lot of misinformation as well.