Opinion: Dems didn’t disappoint us

This Democratic National Convention was one for the ages. We don’t recall seeing anything quite like it. Consider: E-mail scandal (Part Deux), party chairwoman removed but taken in by “the campaign,” protests, marches, shout-downs, tears, anger, a thorough Bern-ing of Donald Trump and a history-making presidential nominee named Hillary Rodham Clinton. On the whole, just when you thought the Republicans had the corner on The Clown Show, the Democrats flooded Philadelphia to grab a share. Oh, and the accumulative torrent of e-mails with “urgent” news (read: stabs) from both camps are enough to choke a giraffe. And now that it has ended and the campaigning begins anew, we urge you to watch carefully with respect to which candidate steps over the truth line the most. Prediction: It will end in a dead heat. We will be using factcheck.org now more than ever, and we believe you should, too.

* * *

Polling is an interesting animal.  While some of it provides “Yes!” moments for one side or the other, bear in mind that each poll carries a plus-minus of a certain number of points. Therefore, Trump supporters ought not strike up the band if a poll shows him up five points with a plus-minus of four. Clinton could get a decent bump in polling. This is for certain: The race for the White House, to our recollection, never has been as heated, vitriolic, nasty and cutting as this one will be.

* * *

“You’re fired,” Trump was all but told by Google last week. A search for “presidential candidates” left Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Trump on the outside. Calm down, all. It was a “technical bug,” Google said.

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