Opinion: Delph took it over the line

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  • Allison Carter

    I agree with you on Senator Delph, but I also assure you, no one who uses Twitter calls themselves a “twit.” Typically “Twitter user” is the correct term. 🙂

  • The Region

    Hey, it’s Chris Christie, he is a bully in big trouble and stands no chance of beating Hillary in 2016. Delph is a bigot hiding behind pseudo-religious beliefs, not much different than Bosma and Pence. HJR3 and other anti-gay laws have been ruled unconstitutional all over the country, wake up Indiana GOP, you’re almost as bad as Arizona and Texas. Pence should accept federal Medicaid money and give needy Hoosiers the health care they deserve! If Pence thinks he can contend politically on a national stage, he is badly mistaken. Indiana needs to get into the 21st century and stop being so regressiv