Opinion: Competitive dance draws crazies

Danielle Wilson

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, the same year Dick Nixon was elected. Along with my twin sister and three younger sisters, I attended Catholic schools for thirteen years. (Holy Mother, pray for me.) I spent two years as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado until I wised up and transferred to a more normal school, Indiana University, where I received a B.A. in history and a teaching license just for funsies. In 2001, I officially entered the ranks of stay-at-home moms to care for my two-year old son and newborn twins. I have mentally blocked all of 2002 and most of 2003. In 2004, I received a Master’s degree in U.S. History from I.U.P.U.I. and a fourth child from my should-have-had-that-vasectomy-sooner husband. From 2005 until mid-2010, I played Super Mom in the yet-to-be released indie film "Provide Daycare for Your Sister-in-Law's Children Because You Don't Have Enough to Do Already." I returned to teaching this fall at an undisclosed Indianapolis school where thankfully very few parents know who I am. I am considering developing a bad habit.

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  • kerrie harris

    I tried to email you using the address shown at the bottom of your article in Current in Carmel and it was undeliverable. I then tried to comment on this and it wouldn’t go through. The article about dance was awful. I’m so sorry your child is at a studio that allows such drama. My daughter has competed for 5 years and the girls support each other wholeheartedly. The girls aren’t what you call “brats”. They are learning to be good dancers and more importantly great people. I’m sad for your daughter. The way you compare your 2 daughters is sick. I can’t imagine that the younger one respects you. SO sad. You should know it’s not dance that’s the problem but parenting.