Opinion: Another weekend in leftist USA

Commentary by Susan Stamper Brown

We live in a country run by people who tell us that if a man puts on a dress and says he’s a woman we are supposed to take him at his word. But if a man goes on a murderous rampage in the name of Allah, and ISIS claims responsibility, we shouldn’t draw conclusions. Americans selected this band of leftist fools who have zero aptitude for dealing with terrorism. In a 12-hour span Sept. 18 and 19, we saw that it is not safe to shop in a mall in Minnesota, or run a 5k in New Jersey or walk in New York City without risk of terrorism. “Rest assured,” they tell us, “justice will be served.” Of course, they are always quick to remind us to not make assumptions. Heaven forbid we offend someone’s sensibilities. The beautiful fragrance of the American way of life is being overtaken by the stench of dead flies resting on the laurels of political correctness. When ISIS claimed responsibility for the Minnesota attack, it wasn’t enough for the FBI to draw conclusions about the motive of the stabber. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a pipe bomb-like explosive device detonated along the route of a 5K charity race to help Marines and sailors, and in New York City, 29 people were injured when an improvised explosive device went off in a Manhattan neighborhood.  Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York City, overly obsessed with controlling what New Yorkers eat and drink, immediately called the bombing “a very serious incident.” Apparently, the mayor couldn’t get his sodium-free tongue to utter the word “terror.” A case of follow the leader? You decide.

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