OneZone forms Red Tape Committee to look at ‘better ways to do business’

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  • CoolCreek

    Political jibberish: “It is unfair for me to reveal the names of volunteers who’ve chosen to give generously of their time to affect change,” Merhoff said. Just say, we don’t want you to know until it’s over.

  • CoolCreek

    Disagree: “neighbors are often notified of a public hearing using certified mail, which can be costly for developers and not always effective.” Certified mail is effective. People are notified and their opinions will be heard, but that is scary for those planning. About the cost – get real, compared to the multi-million dollar projects, it’s a pittance. Again, another excuse to eliminate effective communication to those that will be impacted by the development.

  • Eric Morris

    Yet, me, who will never use the Red Line, being taxed to pay for it, isn’t that adding Red Tape to my life, Mo. Isn’t it unfair for me to pay increased taxes despite already paying my “fair share” generously and (in)voluntarily worthy of protection against your predations?