New tenant for former ‘Chaos’ building?

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  • Bob

    Goodness. This is a convoluted story! What was left out (probably not shared) was the CRC traded this $380K building for a $96K parking lot. Good business?

  • Bob

    Just for context, the link to the Carmel Chatter thread begins in May 2012

  • Rick Smith

    Plans for improvements? We have millions invested in plans that as Jeff Speck states in the quote at the end of this post the plans are rendered mostly moot. One option of many the Mayor says and each option/plan was paid for by who?

    “That plan was done some time ago,” Brainard said. “It is one option of many.”

    According to the mayor’s office, the city plans to make improvements to the lot when sufficient funds are available.

    Murky future
    by · December 17, 2012

    Vacancies mount, but mixed-use plan for Merchants’ Square unlikely

    “So why did Carmel spend nearly $200,000 to draft a redevelopment plan of
    a property the city doesn’t own and the actual property owners are
    reluctant to follow?”

    “Speck acknowledged during his presentation that his plan was the “best
    effort of what we’d like to see” of the area, but any future changes to
    the property could look different, rendering his work mostly moot.”