New rules allows for faster city government action

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  • If the entirety of $245.5 million proposed at the Jan. 4, 2016 City Council meeting were paid with a combination of Property and Special Benefits taxes what would the full impact be?

    Based on the Mayor’s numbers from 2014 the $24/year covers the debt for a $1 Million shortfall. see attachment

    If the entire $245.5 Million were paid from taxes what would the impact be for a $200,000 home? $245.5 X 244 = $5,892/year additional tax.

  • Wishing to be fair and balanced here are the Mayors remarks at the Debate on 4/01/2015.

    This is the opposite extreme view of your property tax impact by the debt. Below to contrast is my estimate of tax if the entire “Pending” ‘investment in infrastructure’ were paid solely with taxes.

    If you believed the debt was only $10/home YOU may have been the April Fool!

  • concerned carmelite

    Sue’s lip service focus on transparency is laughable. People don’t take advantage of the meetings? The reason people didn’t show up to her finance meeting is because it wasn’t noticed publicly. Still not on the City calendar even tonight. The Mayor is famous for his quote “they didn’t ask the right questions” when asked why he didn’t release information.